Coastal and Arctic Impressions: Artists Paint Alaska’s “ShoreZone”

An exhibit at the Alaska Marine Science SymposiumAdventure Room, Captain Cook Hotel, 25-29 January 2016Monday – Friday, 8:00 – 5:00, Meet the Artists, Thursday Evening 5:00-8:00
Amazing images of Alaska’s coast were the catalyst for this exhibition. Beautiful works of art on their own, photographs taken during a coastal habitat mapping program in Alaska became the inspiration and driving force for wax-painting artists Terisia Chleborad, Nessa Nouveau, and Janet C. Hickok to provide their interpretations of our magnificent coast.

The photographs inspiring these paintings were selected from two prior exhibits: Coastal Impressions: A Photographic Journey along Alaska’s Gulf Coast and Arctic Impressions: A Photographic Journey along Alaska’s Arctic Coast, displayed at the Alaska Marine Science Symposium in 2012 and 2014, respectively. From these exhibits, the artists and members of the Alaska ShoreZone Partnership selected sixteen photographs taken by ShoreZone photographers Mandy Lindeberg and Mary Morris that particularly spoke to them. The artists were then challenged to respond in an abstract, impressionistic, or realistic manner – depending on color, pattern, texture, space, coastal area, and atmosphere. By hanging the paintings side-by-side with the original photographs, this exhibit evokes the extent to which Alaska’s majestic landscape speaks to each of us.

We sincerely hope you enjoy this stunning and one-of-a-kind exhibit. Exhibit sponsored by the Cook Inlet Regional Citizens Advisory Council (CIRCAC) and the Alaska ShoreZone Partnership. Contact: Susan Saupe, saupe(at), 907-398-6214