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2016 Annual ShoreZone Partner Meeting

Presentations delivered at the 2016 ShoreZone Partner meeting on October 12-13 in Anchorage, Alaska

  1. Welcome and Introduction (Susan Saupe, CIRCAC)
  2. ShoreZone Partnerships, Coordination and Outreach (Mandy Lindeberg, NOAA, NMFS)
  3. ShoreZone Progress Report (Carl Schoch, Coastal and Ocean Resources, Inc.)
  4. Image Acquisition in 2016 (Kalen Morrow, CORI)
  5. Revised ShoreZone Protocols Part 1 (Sarah Cooke, CORI)
  6. Revised ShoreZone Protocols Part 2 (Carl Schoch, CORI)
  7. NOAA Website and Data Interface (Steve Lewis, NOAA, NMFS)
  8. Planning for Future ShoreZone Work (Cindy Hartmann Moore, NOAA, NMFS)
  9. ERMA and Updates fron NOAA ORR (Zach WInters, ERMA)
  10. CIRCAC 2016 ShoreStation Surveys and ShoreZone Integration (Sue Saupe, CIRCAC)
  11. Filling that Pesky SE Alaska ShoreZone “Gap” (Lewis Sharman, NPS, Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve)
  12. Marine Debris Along the Northern Gulf of Alaska Coast (Chris Pallister, Gulf of Alaska Keeper)
  13. NOAA 2016 Semi-Oblique Coastal Imaging and CUSP Digital Shoreline (Nicole Kinsman, NOAA, NGS)
  14. The CoastView Travel App: Providing a Virtual Experience for Coastal Adventure (Amalie Couvillion, CoastView)

2015 Annual ShoreZone Partner Meeting

Presentations delivered at the 2015 ShoreZone Partner meeting on October 13-14 in Anchorage, Alaska

  1. Welcome and Introduction (Susan Saupe, CIRCAC)
  2. ShoreZone Partnerships, coordination and outreach (Mandy Lindeberg, NOAA)
  3. ShoreZone progress report: ShoreZone updates and a look ahead (Carl Schoch, CORI)
  4. Norton Sound imaging summary (Kalen Morrow, CORI)
  5. New ShoreZone modules and mapping protocols (Kalen Morrow, CORI)
  6. New bioband mapping protocols (Sarah Cook, CORI)
  7. Alaska Peninsula and YK Delta mapping summary (Sarah Cook, CORI)
  8. Planning for and funding future ShoreZone work (Cindy Hartmann Moore, NMFS)
  9. ShoreZone offline viewer (Andy Lanier, Oregon Coastal Management Program)
  10. Structure from motion (Nicole Kinsman, NOAA)
  11. Mapping blue carbon (Sarah Cook, CORI)
  12. Integration of ShoreZone into the AOOS Alaska portal (Stacey Buckelew, Axiom)
  13. Geomorphology and sustainable traditional gathering patterns (Adelaide Johnson, USFS)
  14. Coastal and Marine Ecological Classification Standard, CMECS (Mark Finkbeiner, NOAA)
  15. Lower Cook Inlet nearshore habitat assessment, an NPS-led study (Tahzay Jones, NPS)
  16. The utility of Lidar for ShoreZone mapping (Carl Schoch, CORI)
  17. ShoreZone Data Management (Steve Lewis and Jim Noel, NOAA)

2014 Annual ShoreZone Partner Meeting

Presentations delivered at the 2014 Annual ShoreZone Partner meeting

  1. Introduction to ShoreZone (Mandy Lindeberg, NOAA)
  2. ShoreZone highlights from 2014 (Carl Schoch, Coastal and Ocean Resources)
  3. Marine Use Planning for Haida Gwaii, British Columbia (Chris McDougall, Haida Ocean Technical Team)
  4. ShoreZone to the Rescue: Applications and Use in Oil Spill Planning and Response (Sue Saupe, CIRCAC)
  5. Using ShoreZone To Locate Intertidal Archaeological Sites, part 1 &  part 2 (Martin V. Stanford, US Forest Service)
  6. Using ShoreZone to Refine Estimates of Oil Retention on Shorelines: a Cross‐Border Example (John Harper, Coastal and Ocean Resources)
  7. Applications of ShoreZone in Conservation Planning and Implications for Climate Resilience (Zach Ferdaña, The Nature Conservancy)
  8. North Slope Sense of Place (Phase II) Project (Marie Acemah, Media Action)
  9. Applications of ShoreZone in Washington State (Helen Berry, Washington DNR)
  10. Data management subcommittee report out (Carl Schoch, Coastal and Ocean Resources)
  11. Education and outreach subcommittee report out (Sue Saupe, CIRCAC)

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