ShoreZone Reports

Summary reports and flight logs are typically produced by the ShoreZone program at the request of funding partners, and some areas of Alaska do not have this documentation. Other regions–particularly large regions–have multiple reports and logs because surveys were done over several seasons.

Summary reports provide coastal habitat information for a given area and are an excellent resource for quantified classifications (e.g. what percent of the shoreline in the survey area was a wide sand beach; how many km of eelgrass were mapped).

A flight log is a record of the aerial survey and includes the date, time, location, tidal height, weather, tape number, and photo IDs. This can be helpful for knowing when an area was mapped or imaged and tracking down where a ShoreZone image was taken based on the filename (e.g. ci09_hm_05490.jpg).

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Alaska High Arctic

Summary ReportsFlight Logs
Kotzebue Sound Area 2013Kotzebue Sound Area 2012
St. Lawrence Island 2015St. Lawrence Island 2013

Southcentral Alaska

Summary ReportsFlight Logs
Kenai Peninsula,
Outer 2003
Prince William Sound 2004-07Cook Inlet 2009
Prince William Sound 2004Cook Inlet, upper 2003
 Cook Inlet & Outer Kenai Peninsula 2002
 Cook Inlet, Kachemak Bay, Kenai 2001
 Copper River Delta 2007
 Prince William Sound 2007
 Prince William Sound, Western 2004

Southeast Alaska

Summary ReportsFlight Logs
Ketchikan Area 2006Baranof Island, Southern 2007
Southeast Alaska, all 2011Craig area 2006
Southeast Alaska 2009Icy Cape 2008
Southeast Alaska, Southern 2006Southeast Alaska 2010
Southeast AK 2004-05Southeast Alaska, Central 2008
 Southeast Alaska, Ketchikan area 2006
 Southeast Alaska, Northern 2004
 Wrangell-Petersburg Area 2009
 Wrangell-Petersburg Area 2008
 Yakutat & N. Southeast Alaska 2005

Southwest Alaska

Summary ReportsFlight Logs
Aniakchak National Preserve 2004Aniakchak-Katmai 2003
Bristol Bay 2012Bristol Bay 2006
Bristol Bay, Inner 2006Kodiak Island 2005
False Pass – Sand Pt. 2014Kodiak Is. & Afognak Is. 2002
False Pass – Port Moller 2012Unimak Pass-Sand Pt. area 2011
Katmai National Park 2004Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta 2014
Kodiak Island area 2002-05  


Summary ReportsFlight Logs
Oregon 2014 

British Columbia

Summary ReportsFlight Logs
Name of Report 


Summary ReportsFlight Logs
Name of report